The Rio Fiesta journey began in 2017 when we noticed that although there were many companies within Australia selling Turkish Towels no company that we purchased from seemed to deliver a seamless and luxurious experience from start to end.

Fast forward to 2019 after lots of research, trial, error and back and forth. Rio Fiesta was officially launched to the Australian market. 

Rio Fiesta prides itself on a luxurious, high quality product whilst maintaining an affordable price point.

As a company we place emphasis on being eco-friendly, our packaging will bio-degrade within 6 months. Our custom tissue paper uses ink that is soy-based and completely acid free and FSC Certified. This is a packaging solution that is completely harmless to the environment. We continue to look for ways to support the environment.

Since Rio Fiestas launch we have received international exposure through the press which has led us to setting up a dedicated UK Distribution Centre (due to launch in May 2020) this will enable us to ship to our European customers at far better rates.

Rio Fiesta is based in Brisbane, Australia.